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Rules Info:

General Information
1. Information is available at the Secretary's Office. (Located on the 1st floor of the Agricultural Hall.)
2. The Blandford Fair does not page stray persons.
3. Check with the Secretary's Office for lost articles.
4. We suggest that patrons wear low-heeled & lightweight walking shoes.
5. Don't even think about bare feet!

…from Premium Book…
1.     All entries must be made in given name to receive a premium check.
a.     Correct: Mary K. Smith
b.     Incorrect: Mrs. John J. Smith
2.     All entry blanks must contain Social Security Number.
3.     Registration numbers of all pure bred stock must be listed on entry blank, or certificate shown to Stock Superintendent.
4.     Enter in given classes only.
5.     No premiums will be paid on articles not classified.
6.     All hall exhibits must be removed between 7pm and 8pm on Monday.
7.     Grange exhibit spaces available measure 8ft x 3ft x 4ft high.
8.     No animals may leave the grounds until after 5pm on the day they are judged.
9.     Judging…
a.     Sunday       Pure Bred Beef
b.     Saturday     Youth Sheep
c.     Monday       Youth Dairy
d.     Saturday     Poultry & Rabbits
                                          i.    Must be in pens between 3pm and 8pm Friday
                                         ii.    Can be removed after 6pm on Monday
10.  Showing…
a.     Sunday       Youth Baby Beef
11.  Exhibitors shall not offer for exhibit any item not produced and/or prepared by himself.
12.  Livestock must be owned by the exhibitor at least 30-days prior to exhibition.
13.  An exhibitor shall make only 1-entry in a given class.
14.  Livestock class may be excepted.
15.  Hall exhibits will be received between 1pm and 10pm on Thursday before the exhibition.
16.  New classes may be listed and judged, provided there are three or more entries, and at the discretion of the exhibition officials.
17.  Ten (10) or more items exhibited will receive a complementary admission pass.
18.  Youth exhibits are for boys & girls up to age 20 as of January 2 of the current year.
19.  Youth may enter in Adult classes only if no equivalent class is offered in the Youth Division.
20.  Undesirable quality exhibits, and those not properly entered, will not be accepted.
21.  Animals and exhibitors that display disorderly conduct may be disqualified at the discretion of the superintendent.
22.  The committee, judge, or exhibition management reserves the right to reject any and/or all exhibits they feel are not desirable.
23.  Placing will be awarded on basis of quality of exhibit and the decision of the judge will be final.
24.  All canning products, including jams & jellies, shall be sealed by processing.
a.     Open kettle or hot water bath for fruits and tomatoes
b.     Pressure for meats and vegetables
25.  All food entries shall be bagged in clear baggies, except for cakes which shall be wrapped in clear wrap on paper plates.
26.  The fair will not be held responsible for loss, damage, injury or the like to any animal, exhibit or person.
27.  Removal of animals or exhibits before the prescribed time will forfeit any prize money awarded.
28.  All premiums will be paid by the Society, provided however that in the case of inclement weather, or other uncontrollable circumstances which deem it necessary, the Society may pay the balance of the premiums on a pro-rated basis.
29.  Entry deadlines (in the hands of the Secretary by…)
a.     Livestock                                  Monday August 25
b.     Adult/Youth Halls                       Monday August 25
c.     Art Show                                   ??
d.     Fiddle Contest                           ??
e.     Horse Show                               ??
30.  Exhibitors please enter thru Gate #3 (prior to exhibition only).
31.  A premium may be awarded where there appears to be merit, even if there is only one applicant, and may be withheld altogether if, in the opinion of the Committee, the entry offered is not deserving of any premium.
32.  No person or group shall vend any goods, wares, merchandise, provisions or refreshments, or exhibit any show or entertainment on the premises, without first obtaining license therefore from the Superintendent of Concessions.
33.  All stock must be tuberculin tested when entered.
34.  All stock must be in Stock Parade if requested.
35.  CMR = regulations promulgated by state agencies
36.  MGL = statutes enacted by the state legislature37.