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Blandford Fair Horse Show (BFHS)

The Blandford Fair Horse Show has been around for the over 40 years. Many volunteers have kept the show going over time, and we are pleased to be an open horse show that caters to a variety of breeds and disciplines. Every year, we add new things to our show and always cater to the requests of our loyal exhibitors.

We have a reputation for hiring very educated and knowledgeable judges. Offering over 150 classes throughout the weekend, and over 30 day end division championships, we are the show where you have the opportunity to do well and win amazing prizes whether you own a horse that is a World Champion, or you own a horse that has never left your backyard. We also hold classes in memory of a loved one giving away special awards and prizes. We also offer a Canine Challenge with all entry fees benefitting our favorite animal rescue groups. We hold classes to raise money for cancer research as well.

Currently, our main goal is to keep improving our horse show and the Blandford Fair itself. We are saving every penny in order to build a new show arena and new horse stalls. We hope you will come out and enjoy the best country fair and horse show in Western Massachusetts. Please click on the tabs above for all horse show information.

Thank you
Blandford Fair Horse Show Manager,
Kelli Wainscott