Blanford Fair Logo

Who We Are

The Union Agricultural & Horticultural Society, dba "The Blandford Fair", is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1867. Located on a sprawling hilltop in Blandford, Massachusetts, the Society holds an annual exhibition on Labor Day weekend.

This event has become a reunion of sorts for many generations. From those that have contributed their resources, to those who have been just visiting the fairgrounds since they were small children, The Blandford Fair is truly an event for everyone.

Our Mission

"We satisfy our customer's desire to appreciate the traditions, practices, methods, and behaviors of our heritage through the encouragement and promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Manufactures, Mechanical & Fine Arts, and other associated disciplines."


We are committed to...

* Providing our customers the highest quality experiences at exceptional value.

* Encouraging our volunteers toward significant productivity and satisfaction.

* Fostering undying commitments with our partners for our mutual benefit.

* Extending our charitable desires throughout the communities in which we exist.

* Appreciating the confidence of our stakeholders by achieving considerable growth with their continued support and trust.

Goals to Reach

One of the most pressing goals for the organization does not directly relate to its mission. It is imperative, however, to not neglect the condition of facilities on the fairgrounds. To that end, the construction of new restrooms at the north end of the grounds must be considered a necessary goal. With the assistance of a State grant, we have in motion the resources to reach this goal of improved facilities.

Another goal of The Blandford Fair is to improve the experience for our exhibitors, since we cannot survive without the participation of our exhibitors. Our goal is to offer a streamlined process for entries, exhibiting, and awards. We have established a relationship with Gladstone, Inc. to provide the ShoWorks Online Entry System. When complete, this tool will benefit both our exhibitors and our staff.