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Become a Volunteer

The Blandford Fair is 100% run by our volunteers and not just during Labor Day weekend.  We rely on volunteers for not only their time, but materials and services.  Many weekends during the summer you can find our volunteers painting, weeding, mowing and rebuilding our grounds.   If you have an extra gallon of paint, a few hours to mow, or a few hammers to swing please consider donating to The Blandford Fair.
Volunteers are needed for:
Monitoring the Adult Agricultural Hall, the Youth Hall, the Art Show, and the Fair Remembrance building. 
Attending the gates and selling admission tickets where patrons walk or drive in.
Other general labor
Who can volunteer?
Anyone age 12 and up is welcome to volunteer.  These hours are often approved by schools and other groups requiring volunteer hours for graduation. 
If you can donate services, materials, a few hours before the fair, or a few hours during the fair,  please contact us.  Without you, we wouldn't be able to put on The Blandford Fair.

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